The King and Dr. Nick by George Nichopoulos

Title: The King and Dr. Nick

Author:  George Nichopoulos

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publisher Address: Nashville, Tennessee

ISBN: 978-1-59555-171-9

Is this the way it was?

In today’s media frenzy about celebrities, we all know there is more than one story uncovered in every celebrity death. The question the public is still obsessed over is; did Elvis Presley die of a drug overdose?

Dr. Nick, George Nichopoulos, describes to his readers the intimate role he played as Elvis’s personal physician. He takes his readers to Elvis’s home and on tour to explain the reasons he prescribed the variety of drugs he gave to the King, from 1967 – 1977.  Dr. Nick feels compassion for the King, as he suffered from ailments such as:  insomnia, gastroenteritis, anxiety, panic disorders; the list is endless. He takes us through his numerous court cases to validate the drugs he prescribed as necessary vs. desired. Discrepancies regarding the two autopsies are brought to light for his readers.

I think the book itself contains an abundant amount of information about Elvis and Dr. Nick. It may fill the void for some Elvis fans; however, I feel it was more of a catharsis for Dr. Nick. George Nichopoulos writes his well – intentioned book to set the record straight, but I think it is just one more book about Elvis where readers should ask themselves, is this the way it was?

Book review by Mary Crocco


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