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It’s a mad world on Gloth!

June 1, 2011

It’s a mad world on Gloth as experienced through the eyes of Halbert Hoop, Hal to the reader.  Hal is a well-developed character who gets himself into unusual and kooky situations. It’s great fun for the reader to share Hal’s strategies in unraveling and solving these situations.

Hal’s adventures arriving and living on Gloth are unpredictable and fun to read. The characters he meets are as unique as the menu items he consumed in order to survive.  Hal’s quest to return to Erde, better known as Earth is driven by . . .

There is no way I will spoil the story, the unpredictability is the best part of the book!

I recommend Hal for readers who enjoy whacky characters and crazy places.  It’s an enjoyable story and once again, Derek Haines strength in developing his characters is terrific.

Book review by Mary Crocco




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