Fall of Giants, Book One of The Century Trilogy, by Ken Follett

Fall of Giants is a gripping story about WWI taking place between the years 1911-1925. It encompasses the hell of war on the field as well as the hell families live at home.  Ken Follett introduces his readers to many different families from America, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Wales. The historical characters include presidents, kings and queens, earls and dukes, lords and ladies, and dukes and duchesses.  Readers are able to experience the life of the famous as well as the life of the poor. We become privy to family secrets entangled in love/hate relationships.

There are many books written about WWI, so as a reviewer I don’t think it’s necessary to write about WWI facts. Having said that, readers need to remember this is a historical novel. We are at the mercy of the author as far as the accuracy of his research.  Keeping this in mind we can enjoy a wonderful story with engaging characters.

At times I found myself thinking politics hasn’t changed. There was lying and cover ups during WWI and the same occurs in politics and government today. This is a well written historical novel and it makes reading and learning about WWI pleasant.

This is Ken Follett’s first book in his trilogy. WWII seems a likely second book. I look forward to following the lives of the characters from Fall of Giants as they live through yet another World War.


Book review by Mary Crocco



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