Closure by Gillian Hamer

Mother Knows Best

A six year old boy, Jake, is a reincarnation of an eleven year old boy, Jacob, who helps solve the murders of young women in North Wales.

Professionals diagnosed Jake’s nightmares as the grieving process for losing his father.  His mother, Helen, knew this was not the case. She felt strongly there was a deeper reason for Jake’s suffering. She was correct.

Jacob channels through Jake to help save the last woman kidnapped. Helen decides to trust the suggestion of a friend’s friend and travel to the location Jake sees in his nightmares, an island in North Wales.

Is Jacob’s channeling successful? Are they too late to save the last victim? Does law enforcement get involved? Do they catch the serial killer?

Read Closure, by Gillian Hamer, if you enjoy a good mystery, suspense thriller that’s hard to put down. Page after page is packed with unpredictable conflicts.


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