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Embrace Loneliness – There’s Nothing Wrong With You by Gail Billing

April 24, 2013

While I read nothing new in Embrace Loneliness – There’s Nothing Wrong With You, Gail Billing wrote her book with an objective of helping others. The information is good and for readers who have not read similar books on loneliness, then this book will offer sound advice.

Gail Billing wants readers to feel good after finishing her book. She stresses that loneliness is a way of life for some and if it is currently a source of pain, she offers tools to cope and maybe even enjoy being alone.

Embrace Loneliness – There’s Nothing Wrong With You is written in a comfortable, non-threatening style, which is sure to benefit readers as they absorb each chapter filled with expertise from Gail Billing.


Odyssey through HELL Exit, Push here: X Reengineering strategies for business, personal and spirit; an autobiographical… by M. Yero Morris

April 24, 2013

Odyssey is an autobiography of M.Yero Morris that reads like a TV drama on cable or HBO. Weaved into the story line, the author being the protagonist in his own drama, strives to help readers as a way of accepting his personal challenges dealing with business and personal life.

Included in Odyssey through HELL Exit, Push here: X Reengineering strategies for business, personal and spirit are apropos historical quotes full of wisdom I found to be quite engaging.

Beat Your Brain at its Own Game: 12 Essential Skills for Overcoming Depression by Andrew Wiseman

April 24, 2013

If someone is suffering from depression and browsing for self-help to find answers, Andrew Wiseman’s 12 Essential Skills may offer a different approach for solutions. It’s written in a non-preachy, personal style, which is taken from his experience. Anyone searching for help will appreciate his sharing of first hand wisdom.

The skills are practical and the book would be helpful to the person suffering and/or family and friends to help a loved one.

Glimpse by Steven Whibley

April 24, 2013

An adventure filled with mystery for kids as well as adults. Glimpse includes all the elements of a great story a young person can relate to; family life, friendship, school, and teachers.

A Russian secret society created the mystery for the main character, fourteen year old Dean Curse. His life was suddenly changed and turned upside down on his way to school one day.

Readers will enjoy reading Glimpse and deciding whether Dean had been cursed or given a gift.

Dog Aliens 1: Raffle’s Name by Cherise Kelley

April 12, 2013

Dog adventures and space aliens create fun topics for stories – so what could be more fun than dog aliens from space.

Children in families with dogs will enjoy reading about the double life of the dogs in Dog Aliens 1: Raffle’s Name. And children without dogs will be sure to beg their parents to bring them to the nearest animal shelter to adopt a dog.

The story is packed with plenty of humor for a 4th grader to appreciate. And the chapters are perfect in length to keep the young reader engaged.

The dialogue among the dogs at the pound may spark the interest of children for a desire to become involved in their neighborhood pound. They can have fun imagining if dogs everywhere think and talk like they do in Dog Aliens 1: Raffle’s Name.

The Few: The Sequel to The Sons of Cleito by Derek Haines

April 10, 2013

A non-negotiable destiny: damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

A message was delivered by Langley Garret’s father that he will deliver The Sons of Cleito to safety, preservation and deliverance from harm, from The Few. The caveat – if he doesn’t accept his destiny, his father will not think twice about killing him.

Realizing his kidnapping from months ago was deliberate; his mangled hand, broken nose, and dead wife serving as a daily reminder, Langley learned his unfortunate place in his new family from his partner in crime, Chara. She managed to convince him to come to terms with his destiny. Having no time to waste, Langley stepped up to the plate and became engrossed in the unspeakable and vile world of politics.

The Few is a captivating and entertaining read by Derek Haines. Once again he transports his readers to a place and time where we empathize with his main character, Langley Garret. His new family position placed him in an incredible situation of power and danger.

Does Langley succeed in his quest to protect The Sons of Cleito? Is he left unscathed to live another day and maintain his power?

I recommend The Few by Derek Haines as an outstanding book to add to your library.

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