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Noah and the Mighty Ark by Rhonda Gowler Greene Illustrated by Margaret L. Spengler

April 17, 2014

Suitable for young readers, Noah and the Mighty Ark is a delightful Bible story penned in rhyme. Adding to children’s learning experiences; the author includes challenging vocabulary words. For example – And creatures in that mighty ark all lined up to disembark.

A Genesis quote from God to Noah begins the book. “Make yourself an ark out of cypress wood . . . bring two of every living thing into the ark.” An impressive approach to describe the wood of the ark.

Greene continues to introduce new terms. Here she explains the construction of the ark – He built a boat lined with pitch so it would float.

Children will learn the value of hard work by following Noah’s family working together to achieve their goal. For example, His sons brought water, seed, and hay. They filled the ark by night and day.

Greene includes the famous mountain’s name in this manner – And Ararat, a mountain steep, became a perch from waters deep.

Noah and the Mighty Ark may become a favorite choice for toddlers through the age of six.

The accurate illustrations created a blurred style, which I found unnecessary.


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