Curious Creatures: 4 Books in 1 (Made By God) by Zondervan(Author)

Curious Creatures is a Level 2 I Can Read book about Rain Forest Friends, Jungle Beasts, Polar Bears, and Curious Creatures Down Under. The format is conducive for the young reader. It defines terms in easy language using bullets and easy to read fonts. The illustrations are big and bold, suitable for eye catching children’s interest.

Sprinkled throughout the book is a Christian theme. For example, if people do not start taking care of God’s world, the Bengal tigers might not survive.

Highlighted facts about awareness for endangered species are included. For example, Logging, hunting, and habitat destruction have made the spider monkey an endangered species.

Integrated throughout Curious Creatures are common facts a young child would ask. For example, a toucan’s bill can measure up to 8 inches in length.

The child learns new vocabulary words in a stimulating manner using quotes. For example, if a jungle is “tropical”, it is usually hot and humid and can be very wet too.

The animals in their natural habitats are clear and vibrant, displaying their diet as they eat.

Curious Creatures is a wonderful learning experience for children.

Individual maps indicating the geographic location of the animals’ habitats would have enriched the book.


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